While Black Friday is often the most profitable day of the year for business owners, it is also the day with the highest retail crime statistics. Everyone knows that stores will be flooded with shoppers on Black Friday.  Some people take advantage of this situation and commit crimes, knowing there’s a good chance of going unnoticed. With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, have you started to think about ramping up your Black Friday security?

Four reasons why increasing Black Friday security is crucial for success and profitability:

  • Shoplifting – With such big crowds, shoplifting is harder to detect on Black Friday. Thieves try to take advantage of how busy the store personnel are.  They do this by slipping stuff into their pockets and bags or hiding things under their clothes before exiting.
  • Identity Fraud – On Black Friday, scammers are more likely to use another person’s information and/or credit cards to make purchases.  Because employees are overwhelmed by how busy it is, they often do not notice this happening.
  • Customer Violence – Unfortunately, Black Friday is often associated with many different types of unwarranted instore violence. These situations often result in injury and police intervention, but security can help minimize these risks.
  • Traffic Jams – Because there are so many people, it can be difficult to get around the store. When people are packed like sardines into one space, there are higher chances of accidental injuries, tripping, and falling.

As you’re starting to think about the safety of your store, employees, merchandise, and shoppers on Black Friday, make sure you get protection from the best. Security Resources is an expert in offering comprehensive Black Friday security solutions customized to each client’s needs. Our trained, licensed, and insured temporary security guards are perfect for handling the chaos of Black Friday, so you can minimize shoplifting, identity fraud, customer violence and traffic jams.

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