Security guards are used to prevent crime, maintain security, and protect employees, customers, and the public within a wide variety of industries. When developing a security plan, facility managers should consider hiring an experienced security consultant or firm to assist in assessing the facility regarding its specific needs. The first thing that should be done is an assessment of the facilities’ current threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to allow for more effective and efficient use of resources, including security guards. This will also help determine what responsibilities security guards will best be used for within the facility, ranging from video monitoring to patrols and more. Once an assessment has been performed, you can then begin to identify a reputable security guard provider.

Choosing the right nationwide security guard provider is important to ensuring quality. Asking the appropriate questions when researching or speaking with a potential provider will help weed out unqualified options. Below are ten questions to consider:

  • What are the guards’ qualifications and how often do they receive training?
  • Are the security guards licensed?
  • Does the company offer references?
  • Is the company insured?
  • Do the security officers present a professional image?
  • Does the company actively monitor its guards?
  • Is there a single point of contact that will be working with you?
  • Will you receive a report of incidents on property regularly?
  • Does the company provide other services such as light checks or lock ups if needed?
  • Does the company offer 24-hour communication for emergencies if you need to reach them?

Security Resources, a nationwide security guard provider, partners with security companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico to provide security guard solutions using a single point of contact for ease and efficiency. Security Resources has over 20 years’ experience within the industry, having developed its own proprietary network of top-ranked security companies to offer unparalleled reach, flexibility, and expertise. Clients include property management companies, retailers, healthcare providers, social services organizations, and many more.

Contact Security Resources today for more information on our nationwide security guard services, including our own XpressGuard® and Intelliguard360®. We look forward to serving you!