Providing a safe environment for students to learn is a priority for schools, as well as parents and students alike. A security staff on educational campuses is an important component in keeping educational institutions safe.

Oftentimes local and campus law enforcement organizations work together to keep the campus community safe. College security officers conduct regular patrols of buildings and grounds on campus, enforce rules and regulations, respond to emergencies, and maintain the overall order on campus. Many security offices on campus also offer escort services for students at any time of the day. As part of increased security measures, campuses install telephone booths with direct connections to the campus security offices.

Security Resources offers the experienced staff educational campuses need to maintain a safe and functional environment for students. Security Resources has implemented campus security plans for both primary and secondary institutions. Some campuses have utilized both roving guards and lobby security, which resulted in increased safety throughout the campus and parking lots.

No matter the size or location of a campus, Security Resources has the resources you need to maintain a safe productive campus for students to learn safely.