Case Studies

Security Resources provides proven security solutions for clients in many diversified industries:

We provide over 500 security officers daily in more than 200 stores for a Fortune 100 retailer. Our partnership approach guarantees that our client’s corporate-wide program is used across their entire security officer force. Our 24/7 management and ability to customize solutions ensures that our client’s changing security needs and procedures are transmitted to and implemented by hundreds of security officers within 24 hours. Learn More about our retail security services.

A major food distributor in the Northeast turned to us for a comprehensive security solution.  Our security experts conducted a risk assessment site survey, which was utilized to implement a customized security procedures plan specific to their location.  As a result, they minimized loss and improved overall site security. Learn more about our warehouse security services.

In-house security cannot always cover the demanding needs of a 24/7 hospital. Security Resources provides 24/7 on-call guard service for emergencies, shift coverage, construction, and off-site clinics as a reliable support to their in-house team. Learn more about our medical facility security services.

We implemented a campus security plan for a college in New York City utilizing roving guards and lobby security resulting in increased safety throughout the campus and parking areas. Learn more about our security services for educational institutions.

In one case, we quickly upgraded security for multiple properties located across several States with a custom-designed, high-quality security program. Our “Quality Assurance” program made the residents feel secure without infringing upon their quality of life. Learn More about our residential security services.

While providing security for the corporate headquarters of a national retail chain in New York City, we utilized corporate-styled security officers to ensure the safety of their employees, their products and their intellectual rights. As a proven partner, our security program evolved well beyond the corporate office to store locations nationwide.

External threats, such as break-ins and theft can be monitored by alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and security personnel. Having a skilled security staff patrol buildings during and after business hours helps ensure business safety. Learn More about our office security services.

Security Resources has a long history of providing security officers for disasters as quickly as possible. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, more than 300 security officers were dispatched to sites utilizing our XpressGuard® service with 32 officers on location within the first 24 hours. Learn more about our disaster relief security services.

We provided security services for a manufacturing distribution line to ensure product safety throughout the assembly process. We were able to significantly reduce employee theft, which positively impacted the company’s productivity. Learn more about our manufacturing security services.

We have provided construction security for many clients. Whether you are constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones, we can provide security guards anytime to ensure maximum security during and after the construction phase.