Despite what the headlines have said over the past few years, Black Friday is still going strong – even with the growing prominence of online shopping and Cyber Monday. Last year, 102 million Americans hit the stores over Thanksgiving weekend, with 74.2 million of these people shopping on Black Friday alone.

Why is protection necessary?

With all the super deals and steals, Black Friday tends to become mass chaos. People often camp out at stores and wake up in the very early morning hours just to get a spot in line for when the stores open. By the time a store opens its doors, people have been up for hours.  This makes them exhausted, irritable, and determined to get what they came for. It’s not only a stressful situation for store owners – it’s a dangerous one, too.

With tensions running so high, it is no surprise that retail crime statistics skyrocket during Black Friday. There are fights between customers and between customers and employees. People can easily take advantage of the madness by stealing merchandise and conducting receipt fraud. With so much chaos, how can you keep your store, employees, and patrons safe while also minimizing stolen merchandise?

Where can I get help?

Security Resources offers temporary Black Friday security guards, giving you extra security when you need it most. Our licensed and insured professional security guards are trained to protect your facility, merchandise, employees and patrons. Each of our security guards receive ongoing training, which helps us continually improve the services we offer our customers.

With this service, you will have a single point of contact for all scheduling, operations, and accounting.  You will also be able to access to our 24/7 live dispatchers. We will work with you to ensure you have the number of security guards necessary to make your Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend a safe one.

If you’re interested in our temporary security services, please visit this page to learn more or contact us today.