Nearly 2 million Americans have reported acts of violence in the work place. Employers must consider protecting their business and employees from threats like theft and violence.

Breaches of security can occur in a variety of ways in the workplace. The safety of employees, as well as intellectual property and the overall environment of the business, is at risk. Companies typically have a “no tolerance” policy set in place to prevent violence from occurring between employees. External threats, like break-ins and theft, can be monitored by alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and security personnel. Having a skilled security staff to maintain safety and patrol the building during and after business hours helps ensure the safety of the business and all of its components.

Security Resources has provided security for the Corporate Headquarters of national retail chains in New York City and Pennsylvania for many years. They have implemented corporate friendly guards as part of an access control plan to ensure the safety of the employees, the company’s product, and the company’s intellectual rights.  As a proven partner, this security program evolved well beyond the corporate offices to store locations nationwide.  Since 1999, Security Resources’ first nationwide clients remain trusted partners today.

Trust the experts at Security Resources with all of your office building safety needs. Their experience and expertise in the industry allow them to provide quality, effective security services.