Retail businesses are a common target for criminal activity – both shoplifting and internal theft are very real threats to store owners. However, with the right protection security plan for your specific needs, you can help minimize any losses by reducing shoplifting, protecting your location from break-ins and vandalism, and preventing violence towards yourself, employees, and customers. Below are five steps to consider when forming your retail security plan.

  1. Assess risks
    The first step in forming a comprehensive security plan for your retail business is to initiate an assessment. Each retail business is different and risk is based on a variety of factors, such as location, business type, and access. Assess what your risks are and determine what security measures your business will benefit from most.
  2. Secure your location
    High quality locks and a monitored alarm system should be first on the list in forming an efficient security plan. Because theft often occurs at POS systems, a panic button should also be installed under the cashier station to give police an instant alarm signal during in-progress robberies and other crimes.
  3. Add video surveillance
    Ideal for both internal and external investigation purposes to track and prosecute perpetrators, surveillance cameras also act as a visual deterrent for shoplifting, internal theft, and armed robbers.
  4. Install proper lighting
    Ensure the exterior of your store is well-lit – particularly entrances, the façade, and parking lots. This will not only improve the clarity of your CCTV system, but deter criminals. Reflective mirrors are also useful to aid in viewing obscured areas.
  5. Hire retail security guards
    Having one or more retail security guards present to patrol the area will aid in deterring crime for both internal theft and shoplifters, as well as prevent violence and vandalism. If you’re a retailer dealing with high-value, easily stolen items, hiring a retail security guard service can be invaluable and end up saving you money in the long run.

Lastly, ensure that only you and a few trusted individuals have access to your security plans. By implementing these suggestions, you can rest easy knowing your retail business is well protected.

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