Security Resources just proudly launched a brand new website!  This was a decision that took a lot of consideration and planning, but the end result was beyond worth it. Being a leading security guard firm, this took a lot of thought and consideration.

We provide highly skilled, certified armed and unarmed security guards for any need you may have. Why would our website be so important to us?

It’s our belief that our website is our nametag in the digital realm.  It is often the first place a consumer goes to learn about our business and services.  A well designed website can have a huge impact on lead generation, brand awareness and sales.  However, a well-designed website is not a one hit wonder. Here are some of the reasons why we at Security Resources believe it’s important to update or redesign your website.

Improving Usability

If a site is not easy to use, nobody will use it.  This applies not only to the speed of a site, but also how it performs on platforms other than desktops (mobile, tablets, etc).  If a website is not currently operating efficiently on mobile platforms, you could be missing out on valuable business.

Your website goal should be to get a user to the information they are looking for in the quickest, easiest way possible.  Your customers should to a smooth, seamless experience when browsing your website.


If your company has changed its name, logo, values, or overall mission, your site should reflect this change.  Your website is your voice and encompasses your brand.  If something critical to that puzzle changes, you need to rethink your website design.  Consistency is key!

Adding New Technologies or Functionalities

Let’s say your company wants to start participating in e-commerce and needs to add an online store.  Your site needs to go through significant updates to support this new store, including new calls to actions on other pages to lead to the store.  The same goes for if you want to add a blog or messaging board to your websites.  These changes are great functionalities to have available to your users, but they require companies to reconfigure their current site in order to support these new features.

Staying Up-to-Date

It’s important for brands to stay on top of new design trends so that their site does not appear dated or stale.   You also want to make sure your content messaging is still relatable to your consumers.  Most of all, you want to be able to stay ahead of your competition.  If your competitors in the market all have modernized looking sites and you do not, this will stick out like a sore thumb to consumers.  If you are able to stay up to date, this can give you a huge advantage over your competitors who may not be focusing on this.

Spring Cleaning

Finally, companies should periodically go through their websites to ensure that they are providing the most up to date information to consumers.  You want your content to be as clean and concise as possible.  Give the user easy access to the information they need, but only the information they need.  Too much “fluff” content on a website can drive users away from the end goal, which is learning about services and (hopefully) contacting you.  By periodically updating your site, you can ensure that all of the is useful and relevant to your users! Prospective clients don’t want to read sales like material. For us they want to know about our security guard program. Are we qualified? Are we trustworthy?

These are some of the reasons that we decided to give our website an update!  We at Security Resources want to stay fresh and compelling to our customers while still providing them with all of the information they need about our services.  We are extremely happy with our new look and messaging, and we encourage other companies to invest time and resources into their digital nametag! To learn more about our security guards and our other security services, call us now! Also if you would like to join our team, apply now here.