Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Alabama

To become an unarmed security guard in Alabama, you must first become licensed. Alabama security guard licenses are issued for a two-year period, and there is a yearly required refresher course to be taken. The applicant must also:

  • have a valid Alabama driver’s license
  • be at least 18 years old
  • submit to a background check and fingerprints
  • not have any felony convictions or certain misdemeanor offenses
  • provide a social security number

Unarmed security guard requirements in Alabama also include a training course at a state-certified training facility. Training must be completed before applying for the license and will include topics such as:

  • training in legal and ethical issues
  • use of limited force
  • properly reporting to authorities
  • written reports
  • medical and fire emergencies
  • crowd control
  • detainment of suspects

Application fees total $25 and renewals are $25, as well.

Armed Security Guard Requirements in Alabama

There are a few additional requirements to become an armed security guard in Alabama. Applicants must already have two years of experience as an unarmed security guard. The armed security guard license must also be renewed annually. Applicants must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • submit two passport-style photos
  • meet and maintain requirements set and approved by the board
  • take and pass the required examination and qualification
  • have a pistol permit issued by the sheriff of the county of residence

There is also additional training to cover the state’s force laws, safe handling, storage of firearms, and more. Fees to become an armed security guard in Alabama total $89.75.

Licensing Body: Alabama Security Regulatory Board

Law: Section 34-27C

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